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they carried out a nuclear missile test in defiance of the united nations warnings. hours before president obama delivers his state of the union address, the white house calls it a highly provocative act. even the only major ally china is expecting from opposition. from south korea, and david reports. >> in an isolated paranoid nation this was hailed as a moment of national pride. >> this proves how great our military is, even if millions of enemies is half as we will win. - attack us we will one. >> this was about half as a parable of the atom -- powerful of the atom bombs america dropped on japan. last december, north korea put a satellite into orbit.
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it was in defiance of u.n. resolutions and marked a major step in its reocket technology. they say they have made a nuclear bomb that may be small of to mount on the rocket. kim jong-un is barely 30 years old. some thought he might bring change to this port country. he seems to have decided nuclear bombs, not economic reform, is what will guarantee the survival of his regime. the korean peninsula was divided by war 60 years ago. south koreans reach beyond the dreams of northerners have grown used to protect and have shut them off. north korea has managed to militarize their nuclear weapons. the implications are far reaching and will change calculations. this proposes a more serious threat.
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>> it is so decided. >> in new york, led the security council met for security talks. china has condemned the test. did the budget for the north, beijing is under pressure to back tougher action this time around. >> we must deliver a strong response by way of the security council resolution that further mpede the growth of dprk's weapons and nuclear missile programs. >> america still has thousands of troops stationed in south korea. the u.s. and allies may respond by putting their forces on higher alert and building new missile defenses. that will make for more attention and instability in asia. kim jong-un has his finger on the nuclear trigger.
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he may find himself more isolated and threatened, not more secure. he's already warning that any new sanctions may lead to new nuclear tests. the bbc news, seoul. >> more threatened. that is a worrying prospect. i am joined by the senior adviser for east asia policy at the u.s. defense department. thank you for coming in. what do we know about this latest test? >> the details are still coming in. we think it was more powerful and relatively successful than previous tests in 2006-2009. we're still trying to figure out whether it was using plutonium or highly enriched uranium. >> what is the significant? >> highly enriched uranium would be new. they have limited stockpiles of plutonium carried they would use that up in their testing process.
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>> we have the united nations saying this is a threat to international security. how much is that true? >> it is a more present threat than it was one week ago. coming on the heels of north korea's at missile launch in december which was more successful than it had been in the past, and the ability near- term to put a nuclear weapon on top of a missile that can travel to the united states or japan and other places is a significant step up from the threats posed before. >> the likelihood of a no. 3 actually doing that, launching a nuclear threat is pretty limited. >> extremely so. it is nothing we would expect to change. north korea is doing this to defend itself in its own mind. it fears the united states and
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other countries may interfere the way we did in libya or iraq. having of their weapons is a way of protecting. the ability to deliver them in the united states or japan is going to cause reactions by us. stepup missile defenses. it will cause japan to worry about whether our nuclear umbrella is as solid as it used to be. maybe los angeles is in danger of an attack. how much room does this by north korea to conduct mischief and cause problems for south korea? it is a threat but it does not change our lives tomorrow because this happened. >> it is more of the long-term destabilizing. susan rice said we must stop them from doing everything. what more can the international community do? >> there is very little we can do if we want to eliminate the
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nuclear weapons program. what we need to do is impose a cost on this behavior and continue to try to make north korea choose between continuing to develop nuclear weapons or engage in the world. myanmar has engaged with the world. it is more productive for its people. we need to make it as hard as possible to keep developing this program. >> now to california where u.s. media is reporting that a former los angeles police officer is now believed to be barricaded in a cabin and involved with a gun battle with police. christopher dorner has been eluding authorities in days. bbc is in los angeles. i know this is ongoing. what more do you know about the standoff? >> they reported a vehicle had been stolen and that the suspect lived very much like christopher
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dorner. it seems there was some sort of chase and he left the vehicle. he ran into the woods and then barricaded himself into a cabin. there was a shootout with police. gunfire was exchanged between the two sides. two officers have been injured and are being airlifted to the hospital. at the moment we believe the standoff is continuing. he is an barricaded inside a cabin in big bear which is a ski resort to the northeast of los angeles where authorities have believed all along he was probably hiding. that is where his burned out vehicle was found on thursday of last week. >> we have some of the audio recordings. there is an extraordinary amount of gunfire going on. to remind us of what gripe he had with the lapd. >> he claims that he was dismissed from the los angeles
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police five years ago. he had a problem with that appeared he said he was unfairly dismissed. it involves a dispute with another colleague over excessive force against a homeless person. there was an inquiry at the time. he appealed. he lost that appeal. he made it very clear last week and a document that was published that he was essentially out for revenge about his former police department and his former colleagues. he would really show no mercy against them. and their families. that is why some 50 families of police officers and people associated with the lapd have been receiving around the clock protection. there is a very serious concern that they could be the next victim. >> the lapd taking that very seriously. thank you very much. we will bring all of the update on this story on our website here and there 24 hours channel
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as well. for the first time since he won the white house in 2008, president obama can deliver a state of the union address without having to worry about being reelected. will it for him to announce a bold second term agenda? he is expected to say he will have the withdrawal of nearly half of american forces in afghanistan by this time next year. the u.s. jobs situation will get a good chunk of his time. whatever he hopes to chief he will have to deal with his republican critics. there are a lot of him. >> when the president comes to the capital his speech is likely to mirror his defiance. a challenge to republicans. >> decisions are upon as. we cannot afford delay. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat
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name-calling as a reason to debate. >> those words in a rage congressman. it is the republicans duty to block the president's liberal agenda. >> if he brings forward heavy spending proposals that make us borrow too much money and go deeper into debt, we are not going to be very excited. we built -- we will be a backstop. >> this stunning landscape is where the congressman calls home. colorado was once a republican stronghold. the state has twice voted for obama. >> of the they do not understand what it is to be out here. >> he said it is obama that is not willing to compromise. >> when he gave his speech, it is like ok, why should we talk to him?
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he is just so opposite of what we believe. he does not seem at all willing to come across and said "i have answers, you have answers, let's talk about how we might make things work." it is more like "i have answers, here they are, a tough." >> this used to be the wild west. the inhabitants of feel under assault from alien to america. each day conservative radio brings with complaints about the president's plan. >> i do not see him changing his stripes and not playing the race card again and again and again. >> whether the issue is a gun control or immigration or gay rights, richard randall says they have a message for the politicians they sent to washington. >> what we would tell people is you are not accountable to the president or to the media. you are not accountable to
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anyone except the people who voted for you. if you do not do what we want and you do not supplto subscribe to our values we will send someone else to washington. >> this is cold comfort for the president. politicians are rewarded for not following the herd. >> back from colorado in here with me for more on the speech, mark. it looks beautiful. it must've had a great trip. it must epitomize what the challenges. he can say what she likes the whether he can actually enact any of it is a different question. >> that will be fascinating. the white house is saying this is the second act in a single play. the first act curtain was drawn on the inaugural address. that was seen as many by overly aggressive, confrontational. it was clear the president was continuing a policy of not trying to persuade congress but the american people.
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does he do that tonight or does he tried to be a little more/ the white house was saying he will build a golden bridge for his enemies to retreat upon. previously it was a retreat lined with razor blades. it houses that aggression and confrontation. it is still a very big question. >> there is always a huge amount of pop and circumstance. i cannot answer remember very many lines from any of them. do they matter? doesn't make a difference to the president's ability to govern the country/ >> i think it adds to a picture. the white house believes that having this big audience of people watching on television, i'm not sure how many people actually do sit down. they seem to think there is a huge audience and he can set out his agenda i was just saying to a colleague how many people remember what was said in last
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year's state of the union. they do tell you what the intentions are. they are often faced with hostility from the house. it is his chance to stress a message. the message we will be hearing is about the economy that he does not believe that trickled down economics works. a country has to grow from the middle classes out. that is what he will be stressing. he will also be saying the fiscal cliff may be back on march the first. you cannot take the country over that and threaten the recovery. >> this is going to be a heavily domestic state of the union. we do not expect more in policy. >> thank you for coming in. >> president obama will talk about drawing down american troops in afghanistan tonight. it is a fair bet he will not talk about the interpreters who have worked for nato forces. the afghans who have worked for
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foreigners reprobation announced they were waiting for asylum. >> this shows the death threats he has received from the taliban. >> this was the call i received last night in a translated. soon you will see punishment. >> after working for the british ministry, he is now in hiding. soon to be granted asylum in the u.k. his pleas have been in vain so far. >> the first target were the interest. they will top our heads off. it proves the british military of government to convince them my life is in danger. >> he is not alone. we were approached by a group of into vouchers still serving the purchase forces but now fearful of what will happen when they leave.
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the fact that we cannot show their faces only highlights the dangers they face. >> they will land in deep trouble. they will target mean to kill me. >> among local people, they are infidels to us, it too. they put their lives on the lines, joining troops on patrol. more than 20 interest are the lost their lives. people who did the same job in iraq or offered asylum. >> we were not exactly the same do have the interpreter. it would have been a big target. >> where most of are the set up special programs to allow there interchurch to apply for asylum, britain has not. the issued a statement saying it will not abandon integers but so far the u.k. government has only
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said it will consider individual claims based on merit. >> he just handed over command of nato forces. he believes the afghan interpreters are owed a debt. >> we have an obligation to look after them. each country in its own way of going to have to come to grips with that. in other conflicts like this i the nations involved have made special efforts. >> their last hope is in a challenge demanding that they give them the same rights as botthose who served with the bridges in iraq. >> the fate of the people who have worked for nato forces after those foreign troops withdraw from afghanistan, very tricky. you are watching bbc world news america.
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a day after his resignation shocked the world we have new details on his help. any speculation reduce speculation of pope benedict's success. >> following a strategic review. they hope to cut 4000 jobs. almost half will come out of the investment bank. >> bob diamond was blamed for changing from a top banking to high risk investment banking. they were outraged by the size of bonuses and the illegal fixing of the libor rates. the new went on how they want to change for barclays. >> i think we were into short- term focus. on occasion we were too self- serving.
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what we're talking about is building a better barclays that learned from those experiences that will deliver the whole of our stakeholders. >> he is not only want to improve the bank's image with the public, he wants to woo investors as well. the bank made a $360 million loss last year. he is cutting $2.5 billion from barkley's annual costs. 1900 jobs will go with the european retail and business banking sector. 1800 in corporate banking. >> the investment bank's deliver 4.1 billion of this profit. they are losing money on the retail side. the investment bank will retain its statute -- stature in the group. >> as a sign of beaufort, anthony jenkins has already cut the bonuses paid to investment
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bankers and the tax advisory unit. bbc news. >> public benedict will stay in rome after he retires. he will not be involved in choosing his successor. he surprised with his resignation and prompted resignation of -- revelations about his health. de -- there are the seven names from europe and south america, a prospect which have bookmaker's spending. the crowds were queuing today as the vatican loosened its culture of secrecy. it gave more details about the pope's help them what his role will be when he resigned in two
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weeks. yes today he revealed he had neither the mental or physical energy to continue. today the vatican said he had been wearing a pacemaker for some time. >> somebody talked about the fact that he had had a pacemaker a few months ago. that is correct. there was a routine replacement for the batteries. >> when he stand down, he will remain in rome to study. he will be living in a monastery. there'll not be two popes although it is unclear what his title will be. the church went out of the way to say that he would have no role in the choice of his successor. he will have nothing to say about it the insisted. the question remains as to whether this conservative pope will have some influence on the future direction of the church.
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already, and catholics are debating what the future of the church should be and what kind of figure should lead it. >> he will probably be a little more liberal but the catholic church is headed toward more realism. >> the qualities i would like to see is the ability to communicate well, especially with the young people. >> in march, and the cardinals will choose a new pope. some are already suggesting that in nethe new pope should come fm south africa. one of the favorite is colonel peter from gone up. >> the timing has always been right. >> several other names are gaining prominence. an arch pacific from a lawn will have strong support from italian cardinals. -- an archbishop from milan
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will have strong support from italian cardinals. there were strong reactions to the pop standing down. it has catapulted the church into an intense debate about the future and who should lead it. abc news, rome. >> the world's catholic watching the events in rome carefully. he can carry on what to all of the latest on our 24/hour news network. just check your local listing for our channel number. stay with us. we will have live coverage of the president's state of the union address in just a few hours time. thank you so much for watching. >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,
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>> "amour" rated pg-13, playing in theaters. in theaters. >> "bbc world news" was
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